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The Ramen Burrito Makes Its Return

We know you have been anxiously waiting for the return of the Ramen Burrito, and let us tell you, we are so excited to share that it is back and better than ever! We knew it was already good, but we wanted to make it a little more special. We spent quite some time tinkering

Here’s How We’re Making Mondays Awesome

We’re excited to announce that starting on July 16th, every Monday we’ll be bringing back our Miso Steak and Mochiko Chicken plates! Available in limited quantities, plan ahead to be sure to be one of the lucky ones to feast on them (because once they’re sold out, they’re sold out!). If you’ve been craving these

We’ve Made Some Changes Around Here…

Beginning with the first week of July, we debuted our new menu, which you can view here! We know it’s some pretty big changes, and some beloved favorites had to go, but we needed to make these changes in order to continue what we love doing, which is serving fun, fresh, fusion foods to awesome

The Phorrito is Back, Pho Good!

Komodo is excited to announce that our seasonal menu specialty, the Phorrito (Pho Burrito), is now back on our menu, for good! Since its inception in 2014, customers have come from near and far to try our pho-in-a-burrito dish. In past years, this customer favorite was brought back for a limited time during the late

The All-New Buddha Bowl Is Here at Komodo!

At Komodo, we pride ourselves in offering fresh and tasty dishes that will whet any appetite, so it’s no surprise we are very excited to introduce our new vegan-based Buddha Bowls. We saw an opportunity to provide more options for our non meat-eating customers, and from that came the idea for these customizable veggie bowls!

The Phorrito is BACK!

Exciting news, everyone! Our world-famous pho burrito (the Phorrito) is back for a limited time! Since its debut in 2014, it has become a fan favorite. If you’re new to pho, pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup dish made with rice noodles, meat, and herbs. We here at Komodo love pho, so it’s no surprise

Late Night with Komodo

One of the great things about L.A. is that you’ll almost always find something to do at any hour of the day. For those of you who are night owls (whether by personal choice or not), there are plenty of things to do, even in the twilight hours, like: See a midnight showing of The Rocky