The All-New Buddha Bowl Is Here at Komodo!

At Komodo, we pride ourselves in offering fresh and tasty dishes that will whet any appetite, so it’s no surprise we are very excited to introduce our new vegan-based Buddha Bowls. We saw an opportunity to provide more options for our non meat-eating customers, and from that came the idea for these customizable veggie bowls!

When ordering, customers will have the ability to customize their bowls (which means one can even make it meat-friendly!). The bowls include a base, 5 veggie toppings, a sauce, and any additional add-ons of one’s choosing. Each bowl is topped with avocado, dried seaweed strips, green onions, and sesame seeds.

The options are as follows:
·1 base (choose from white rice, brown rice, quinoa, or mixed greens)
·5 veggies (choose from asparagus, carrots, chickpeas, yellow corn, pickled cucumbers, cucumber kimchi, seaweed salad, and shiitake mushrooms)
·1 sauce (choose from Soy Sesame or Tomato Basil)
· any additional add-ons (choose from a soft-boiled egg, extra veggies, ponzu-seared tofu, meat proteins, and extra avocado)

Our Buddha Bowls are available at all Komodo locations and start at $11.55 (plus tax) – come in and try one for yourself!

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