LA’s new favorite obsession- Indomie Ramen Burrito

Last year, Chef Erwin and the Komodo team launched the Phorrito. Like the classic Vietnamese soup, it warmed the hearts of millions of Angelenos during our “cold” months. This November, Chef has done it again, mixing his Indonesian roots with the soul of LA’s Mexican cuisine. The Indomie Burrito has gone viral. We’re seeing lines down the block and massive amounts of press for our new special. So much so, that we’re extending the dates to the whole month of November. We caught up with Chef Erwin to chat about his inspirations for our new hit.

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Stewart: Tell me about your first experience with Indomie.

Chef Erwin: (laughing) Well, I grew up with it. When I moved to LA from Indonesia with my family it took a while to adjust. There isn’t a huge Indonesian population here and there weren’t many Indonesian restaurants. My parents were always working so I had to make food for myself. Indomie Mie Goreng was my “go-to” comfort food; easy to make and very delicious. It was like a warm bowl of home.

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Stewart: So you grew up cooking Indomie? Would you say that pushed you towards becoming a chef?

Chef Erwin: It definitely did. I would experiment and create something new using what I could find in the kitchen. I would try and always make something I never had before. Really similar to the fusion food I create now. My brother, Eric, calls it “hacking junk food.”

Bravo, Chef Erwin. The Indomie Burrito will be available at both Komodo locations through the end of November.


About Indomie

Launched in 1982, Indomie is an instant noodle product of Indofood (Indonesia’s largest CPG producers). The first iteration of Indomie is a soup based instant noodle that later evolved in a diverse collection of delicious options. One in particular is Indomie Mie Goreng (created in 1983), a delicious instant version of Indonesia’s famous fried noodle dish with Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce).

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