Designing Komodo Venice- Taco Tray Ceiling

Working with Ana Henton & Ryan Upton at MASS Architecture and Designs was such a delight. They really helped us stretch our imagination on our dream dining space. From the lighting to layout planning to the chair selection, we were taken on an adventure throughout the designing process. Designing the epic Komodo Venice ceiling, was no different.


How it all began

We were initially inspired by exciting ceilings that take your eyes up and around. Below is an example of a ceiling project we loved from Tsujita LA in West LA.

Tsujita Ceiling- Los Angeles

Java taco
We exchanged a few ideas over pinterest and scavenge over countless references/inspirations we love. Then we thought of our taco truck and how we serve our tacos.
Ding ding ding, it was a no brainer to use the very container that served thousands of our taco truck customers as an homage to our taco truck heritage.

Once we felt good about our inspiration and taco tray concept, we thought about placement and patterns.
This was definitely a whole other can of worm being opened; but the process was nothing short of creative and fun.

Komodo Venice Ideation 2Komodo Venice Ceiling Ideation 1

Putting the ideas together

Months later, we focused on finessing the fine details and figuring out logistics. What should it hang on to, how will it stay up, what will it be attached to it? What drop height and pattern? Too many questions to answer. It was no easy feat but the team was determined to pull it off.

Komodo Venice Mockup 2

Komodo Venice Mockup 1

There were many mockups produced, as Ana tweeted one afternoon

Komodo Venice Taco Trays

Assembly time

Then one weekend, everything came together. The ceiling was transformed into a magical oceanic taco tray masterpiece- creating beautiful myriad of shadows across the crisp white walls and organically filtering the lighting in the room. It was mesmerizing.

The Finish Product

It’s now an exciting space with a special ceiling treatment that is unique to Komodo. We’re so proud of it! Special thanks to Team MASS- Ana, Ryan, Greg, Roberto, Adrian, Krista, Michael and all of our wonderful friends/family who volunteered with such generosity and kindness during the production of this ceiling. We’re so grateful.

Komodo Venice Dining Room


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