Late Night with Komodo

One of the great things about L.A. is that you’ll almost always find something to do at any hour of the day. For those of you who are night owls (whether by personal choice or not), there are plenty of things to do, even in the twilight hours, like:

  • See a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Nuart Theater in West L.A. every Saturday.
  • Sing to your heart’s content at one of the many karaoke bars around L.A. (some are open as late as 4 AM!).
  • Laugh with fellow audience members watching an Upright Citizens Brigade late night improv show.
  • Catch a live musical performance at an unconventional location this summer at places like the Santa Monica Pier (with its Twilight Concerts series) and the LA ZOO (with its Roaring Nights series)

Of course you’ll want to grab something to eat before heading out, and what better place to go than to Komodo!


As Komodo is no stranger to late-night dining (especially in our early truck days!), we’re happy to announce our extended hours in our restaurants. With both locations now conveniently open til 10 PM Tuesday – Saturday, you can definitely enjoy your favorite bites late into the night.

While you truly can’t go wrong with whatever you pick, see what customers are noshing on late into the evening:

Brutus Tots Salad

Brutus Salad_6

The “un-salad” of salads, this delicious (and filling!) dish is a mouth-watering pairing of tater tots and our Komodo-seasoned seared top sirloin steak. Topped with our house-made jalapeno aioli, there’s enough kick to say “oh, hello!” to your taste buds.


Harvest Greens & Beets Salad

Harvest Salad1
While we’re on the topic of awesome salads, we have to include our popular Harvest Greens & Beets Salad! For those looking to nibble on something on the lighter side late into the night, our Harvest Greens & Beets Salad hits the spot, especially during the warm summer nights! With a sweet and savory flavor profile, our salad includes mixed greens, candied walnuts, dates, and citrus beets that is topped with goat cheese and a house-made vinaigrette.


Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng

It’s no surprise that Chef Erwin composed this dish as the chef’s special. Nasi Goreng, also known as Indonesian Fried Rice, is a dish of fried brown rice, scrambled eggs, corn salad, and chopped green onions. Garnished with our home-made garlic aioli, the finishing touch is a sunnyside-up egg. It’s amazing as a vegetarian dish, but meat-lovers are welcome to add on their protein-of-choice!


Killer Combo (4 Tacos of YOUR Choosing)

Killer Combo_Tacos_9

We can’t talk about late night eats without talking about tacos! At our restaurants, we offer 10 different tasty taco options. Each taco has its own unique flavor profile, so we know picking just one taco can be hard! With our Killer Combo, foodies can select up to four different options for their own personalized combo.

Whether your night is winding down, or just getting started, be sure to stop by your nearest Komodo to get your nighttime nourishment!

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