Komodo Volunteers at GWHFC

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we recently took time to give back to our local community at the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition as a part of our new Thanksgiving tradition; we absolutely LOVED IT. This fantastic organization is run by a small group of passionate people, committed to helping and feeding hungry Angelinos in the most inspiring ways. It’s entirely non-profit, the kitchen relies on donation from local restaurants, bakeries, food banks to fuel its supplies. It was super eye-opening to be on site, working side by side to churn out, organize and help distribute food with the most bare bones of resources/tools and limited inventory.

It’s definitely inspiring to see that it does not take much to make a change in people’s lives, it all takes a little imagination, willingness to roll up your sleeves, and trained resourcefulness. At the end of the day, we were super proud to have spent our days with the team and came out rejuvenated, grateful and empowered. Thank you GWHFC! You guys truly rock! For more information and to organize your own volunteer day/party- visit www.gwhfc.org

Check out more pictures from our volunteer day adventure on our facebook page. Click here