5 Most Instagrammed Dishes at Komodo


LA is home to amazing and talented food paparazzi and we’re lucky to be one of LA’s most instagrammed food spots.
Here are our top 5 most instagrammed dishes/drinks at Komodo.


5. Kimchi Nachos

Cheesy, tantalizingly delicious Kimchi Nachos is quite a looker and taste even better. It’s no wonder, that this little jewel was named one of LA’s best nachos by Los Angeles Tourism.


4. Lychee Lemonades

Warning, this is not your average lemonade. Masterminded by chief mixologist/juice afficionado/ Chef Erwin’s own father, this drink will change your life. Plus, free refills doesn’t hurt.


3. Salmon Plate

Light, yummy and delicious- our Salmon plate is a favorite for those who are looking for leaner and lo-cal options, most especially since we have a location blocks away from the Mecca of bodybuilding.


2. Brutus Salad

There is no denying, our anti-salad, affectionately called the Brutus Salad is a crowdpleaser and camera darling, #nofilter necessary. Great for sharing or not, it’s the ultimate cure for hunger. You won’t be dissapointed.


1. Komodo Tacos

Last but not least, our tacos! These gourmet tacos originated from our taco truck and put us on the map
They are by far our most instagrammed dishes on the menu, and for very good reasons.
Over 12 different variety to mix and match, wonderfully unique textures/taste, and perfect size to take you on a flavor adventure. On top of it all, it goes great with any filter and will guarantee tons of likes/comments.

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