What is Tempeh?


Tempeh, a vegan’s best friend, the little bundle of soy bean goodness, the tofu skeptic’s alternative to a trip down soy bean lane; This little treat is packed full of power and taste. Originating from Indonesia, Tempeh is a yummy little snack derived from fermented soybeans. This dish, is usually seen in a patty like form, sliced up, and fried. Although it is made from soy beans, this dish varies differently from its cousin, tofu. With it’s own textures and nutty flavors, tempeh has its own unique taste and can be mildly flavorful.

Not only can this  low in fat and high in protein soy bean concoction be put in your salads or, like Komodo, tacos, this dish tastes great on its own. Interested? Try some of Komodo’s very own soi taco. Packed with a lot of flavor, its every vegan’s or vegetarian’s go to pick me up dish! This is something you definitely won’t regret eating.

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