The Making of the Phởrrito


Phở + Burrito = Phởrrito

On a cold winter day of 2014, Chef Erwin Tjahyadi had enough of his nagging partners who constantly asks him to create a soup special for Komodo.
Thinking it would be the ultimate stance of defiance and non-cooperation, he created a soupless soup inspired burrito. It was delicious.

Pho SoupPhở, a traditional Vietnamese noodle and beef soup dish known for aromatic and hearty broth, is far from a dish you can enjoy in a burrito form. How could a Phở taste good without the broth. Isn’t the broth everything?

Lo and behold, Chef Erwin was able to capture the distinct flavors of the Phở into a bundle of magical joy without the broth, gasp. Alas, the Phởrrito was born.


From its inception and first day of sale, the Phởrrito was a home run; capturing the imagination of those who crave both Vietnamese and Mexican food. At last, it was possible to enjoy both cuisines all at once. It is a metaphorical and physical manifestation of LA’s mixing of cultural identities and we love it.

The Phởrrito is now a seasonal special at Komodo. Keep checking on twitter and facebook when it will reappear. You never know, you’ll be able to taste this one of a kind tasty treat.


Here’s a fun video of what the Phorrito is made of by Super Deluxe

**Photo courtesy of Food Beast‘s Peter Pham

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