Biggest Loser health-smart food truck hack

Recently, our very own Komodo truck was featured on NBC’s Biggest Loser. Contestants were split into 2 groups on a physical taco truck-pulling race where the winners of the challenge get a crash course healthy cooking lesson by Lorena Garcia. Since the theme of the show is about “resisting temptations & smart eating”- the losing team gets another challenge to pick their lunch smartly while dining the Komodo truck’s yummy menu, before a weigh-in.


The episode really opens up the dialogue – “Are food truck foods considered healthy?”.
The answer is yes and no. While a lot of food trucks out there may offer caloric heavy dishes, some businesses (i.e. us) are one step ahead of the healthy food game; offering health-smart options daily with light portions accessibly and cost effectively.
We love it that we get to represent food trucks in a positive light and proof to America that eating from a food truck smart CAN HAPPEN and is DOABLE. The final weigh-in of the show truly supports that. Team Dolvett, who were lucky enough to eat from the Komodo truck that week, actually won their weigh in challenge by a landslide because they worked hard and ate smart. You don’t need a Lorena Garcia to make you lettuce tacos to have a healthy dining option.


Inspired by the show, below are a few quick tips that the Biggest Loser contestants follow while enjoying their Komodo meals

  • Skip the dressings, don’t skip the greens
    Salads are the go to healthy options. Dark greens provide antioxidants and meat can be added to round out the meal with protein. However, saucy dressings used to flavor up the salad can often be fatty or contain sodium. If you’re looking to make our salads healthier, ask for dressing on the side. You can add as much as you want or none at all.
  • Soi-licious
    The Soi is our take on vegan taco. You can also get it as a burrito or rice bowl. Our Soi flavor is a Mongolian stir fry-style with tofu, tempeh, baby corn, onions, peppers and tons of flavor.
  • Naked burritos
    Our burritos range in health from the Komodo steak with corn salad to the early bird with italian sausage, sour cream and bacon. No matter what you wrap up in your burrito the most healthy decision might be to not even wrap it at all. Tortillas contain easily avoidable carbs and you can ask the server to simply leave it out. You can also get any of our flavors in a rice bowl.
  • When in doubt, omit
    Your first thought might to be remove the corn tortilla from any of our tacos. Before you remove the crux of the food, first consider the sauce. Taking away sour cream from the Blazin’ Shrimp or removing the aioli from our Komodo 2.0 taco takes out a lot of fat and calories. Also, it’s never wrong to hold off on the bacon.
  • Fall in love with Salmon
    Our salmon plate is a favorite go-to dish for our fit/health-conscious customers. Lean, high in protein and super delicious. You can hold off on the sauce for an even healthier hack (available only at our cafe locations, served with 2 scoops of Brown rice and side salad).
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