4 Essentials to a Killer Komodo Brunch

In LA, getting some rec time over the weekend is a must. Whether you just biked the strand or hiked Temescal, chances are you’re meeting up with a friend or two for some mid-morning grub afterwards. Mouthwatering munchies, hand crafted cocktails and constant chatter fill the air during this magical time of day.

So, what’s on the table for brunch at Komodo? Read on to find out what the brunch crowd has been buzzing about lately.

One of our most popular creations, the MP3 taco, has amassed a hearty cult following. Komodo’s revamped version of steak, potato, and eggs is a brunch staple and pays homage to the classic All-American breakfast.

Seasonal Dumplings
If dim sum is your go-to brunch option, our gyoza-style seasonal dumplings are the perfect brunch starter. Quick bites filled with hearty meat and veggies accompanied by a killer Ponzu Pico de Gallo will be sure to satisfy your dim sum craving.


Brutus Salad
Dubbed as the “anti-salad”, the Brutus is the answer to your weekend hangover. Steak, bacon, jalapeno aioli and sour cream drenched over crispy tater tots is a must-have brunch staple to share with your friends.

Soju Cocktails
Every amazing brunch has an amazing cocktail. Complete your morning with one of our signature Soju cocktails. You’ll think you’re in brunch heaven after just one sip of our refreshing blend of fruit and Korean Soju. Beware…lively chatter will commence.


Happy Brunching!

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